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High-speed Stable Operation Professional Level CNC Fully Automatic Band Saw Machine

High-speed Stable Operation Professional Level CNC Fully Automatic Band Saw Machine

High-speed Stable Operation Professional Level CNC Fully Automatic Band Saw Machine

Product Features:
1. High-speed stable operation: This metal band saw machine uses advanced technology and high-quality components to ensure stability and reliability during high-speed operation. Its powerful power system and precise control system can achieve efficient and continuous cutting operations, greatly improving production efficiency.
2. Fully automated operation: The metal band saw machine is equipped with an intelligent operating system, enabling fully automated cutting processes. Simply set the parameters and program, and it can automatically complete the entire cutting task, reducing manual intervention and improving production efficiency and product quality.
3. Professional performance: The metal band saw machine uses high-quality metal materials and advanced processing techniques, possessing cutting ability and durability. Its high-precision cutting head and reliable transmission system can ensure cutting accuracy and surface quality, meeting various complex processing needs.
4. Multiple cutting modes: The metal band saw machine provides multiple cutting modes, allowing users to select the appropriate cutting mode according to actual needs, achieving diverse processing applications.
5. Safety protection measures: The metal band saw machine is equipped with multiple safety protection devices, such as emergency stop buttons, protective covers, and overload protection. These devices can effectively protect the safety of operators and prevent equipment damage or failures.
Product Advantages:
1. Improved production efficiency: The high-speed stable operation and fully automated operation of the metal band saw machine can significantly improve cutting efficiency. Compared to traditional manual operations, this device can achieve continuous uninterrupted cutting, saving a lot of time and labor costs.
2. Enhanced product quality: The metal band saw machine has professional-level cutting capabilities, enabling high-precision and high-quality cutting. Its stable operation and reliable control system can ensure the accuracy and consistency of cutting dimensions, meeting strict product quality requirements.
3. Reduced production costs: The automation of the metal band saw machine can reduce manual intervention, lowering labor costs. At the same time, its efficient and stable operation can reduce energy consumption and tool wear, reducing production and maintenance costs.
4. Adaptable to diverse processing needs: The metal band saw machine provides multiple cutting modes, capable of meeting the processing needs of different materials and shapes. Whether it is linear, curved, or angular cutting, it can easily handle them, improving processing flexibility and adaptability.
5. Safe and reliable: The metal band saw machine is equipped with multiple safety protection devices, effectively protecting the safety of operators. Its emergency stop button and protective cover devices can quickly shut down in case of emergencies, preventing accidents from occurring. Additionally, the overload protection device can prevent equipment damage due to overloading, extending the service life of the equipment.
6. Easy to operate and maintain: The metal band saw machine uses an intelligent operating system, making it easy to operate. Users only need to follow the instructions for setting and adjustment to start the cutting work. At the same time, the maintenance of the equipment is relatively simple, facilitating tool replacement and equipment cleaning.
7. Comprehensive after-sales service: We provide comprehensive after-sales services, including equipment installation and commissioning, operator training, and maintenance guidance. No matter what problems you encounter during use, we will respond promptly and provide solutions to ensure your user experience and satisfaction.

Product Details

Summary: The high-speed stable operation professional-level fully automated metal band saw machine possesses features such as high-speed stable operation, fully automated operation, professional performance, multiple cutting modes, safety protection measures, etc. Its advantages lie in improving production efficiency, enhancing product quality, reducing production costs, adapting to diverse processing needs, being safe and reliable, being easy to operate and maintain, as well as having comprehensive after-sales service. Whether in industrial production or personal DIY projects, this metal band saw machine is an ideal choice.
Model HN-40S
Max. cutting capacity(mm) ●: 400
■: 400(H)*700(W)
Blade speed(m/min)
Blade size(mm) 41*1.3*6450
Blade cleaning Wire brush
Blade tension Hydraulic
Main motor(kW) 4
Hydraulic motor(kW) 0.75
Coolant motor (kW) 0.09
Workpiece clamp Hydraulic
Material feed Automatic
Machine size(L*W*H)mm 3200*2200*1700
Net weight(kg) 2300

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