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High-precision and High-efficiency Double Column Metal Band Saw Machine

High-precision and High-efficiency Double Column Metal Band Saw Machine

High-precision and High-efficiency Double Column Metal Band Saw Machine

Product Features:

1. High-Precision Cutting: Utilizing advanced CNC technology and precise cutting devices, this product offers high-precision metal band cutting to meet diverse precision machining requirements.

2. Efficient Processing: The double-column design enhances the saw blade's rigidity and stability, enabling it to withstand significant cutting forces and torque. Coupled with high-power motors and optimized transmission systems, it achieves swift cutting speeds and efficient processing.

3. Automated Operation: Equipped with an advanced CNC system and automatic feeding device, this product facilitates automated cutting operations. Operators need only place the metal band into the feeding device, set the cutting parameters, and the cutting process proceeds automatically. This reduces the tedium and labor intensity associated with manual operations.

4. Safety and Reliability: The product incorporates multiple safety protection measures including emergency stop buttons, protective covers, and more to ensure operator safety. Additionally, it features overload protection functions to promptly detect and address potential safety hazards.

Product Details

Product Advantages:


1. Improved Production Efficiency: With its high processing capacity, this product swiftly completes numerous metal band-cutting tasks, significantly enhancing production efficiency. For batch production enterprises, it saves considerable time and reduces manpower costs.

2. Reduced Production Costs: High-precision cutting minimizes material waste and the need for secondary processing, consequently lowering production costs. Additionally, automated operations decrease labor expenses, further boosting enterprise competitiveness.

3. Enhanced Product Quality: High-precision cutting ensures dimensional accuracy and superior surface quality of metal bands, thereby elevating product quality. Industries with stringent quality standards, such as aerospace and automotive manufacturing, benefit from meeting these requirements.

4. Flexibility: Suitable for cutting various metal materials like stainless steel, carbon steel, and aluminum alloys, this product's CNC system versatility accommodates diverse shapes and sizes of cutting needs, providing enterprises with more processing options.

5. Comprehensive After-Sales Service: We offer comprehensive after-sales service, including equipment installation, operator training, and regular maintenance. Our professional technical support is available whenever and wherever needed, ensuring optimal product performance.


Product Application Scenarios:

1. Machinery Manufacturing: Provides precision parts and components essential for machinery manufacturing by cutting various metal materials like carbon steel and alloy steel.

2. Automotive Manufacturing: Ensures the quality and accuracy of complex automotive parts through accurate cutting provided by high-precision and high-efficiency double-column metal band saws.

3. Aerospace: Maintains accuracy and quality in the aerospace industry for special metal materials and complex parts shapes with high-precision and high-efficiency cutting equipment.

4. Electronics Industry: Ensures product quality and performance by using high-precision equipment to cut micro-precision parts in the electronics industry.

5. Steel Structure Processing: Meets needs in construction and bridge construction by cutting large billets, seamless steel pipes, and large shaft parts using high-precision and high-efficiency double-column metal band saws.


The high-precision and high-efficiency double-column metal band saw offers features such as precision, efficiency, automated operation, and safety reliability. It enhances production efficiency, reduces costs, improves product quality, and provides flexibility, energy efficiency, and environmental benefits, along with comprehensive after-sales service. Whether for batch production enterprises or industries requiring strict quality adherence, this product is an optimal choice. By utilizing this product, enterprises can achieve higher efficiency, superior product quality, and enhanced competitiveness and market position.

Model GL-80/100
Max. cutting capacity(mm) ●: 800
■: 800(H)* 1000(W)
Blade speed(m/min) 15-60 by Inverter
Blade size(mm) 67*1.6*8760
Blade cleaning Electric wire brush
Blade tension Hydraulic
Main motor(kW) 7.5
Hydraulic motor(kW) 2.2
Coolant motor (kW) 0.125
Workpiece clamp Hydraulic
Material feed Automatic
Machine size(L*W*H)mm 4500*2000*2600
Net weight(kg) 7500

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